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Screw Air Compressor

Screw Air Compressor

Toyo screw compressor is designed after many experiences for years in compressor market. The main purpose while designing Toyo Air compressor was “ easy maintenance” which means that compressor will enable everyone to reach each component easily. Our design with full of engineering advantages allows lower prices and higher performances According to the operating principle of Rotary screw compressor, they need periodic maintenance to carry on its performance for years.


Efficient Screw Air Compressor:

  • Intelligent microprocessor based electronic controller.
  • Three stage air oil separator.
  • Low specific power consumption.
  • Less noise level and ease of maintenance.
  • Very Compact and easy To Use.
  • High Efficiency.
  • Applications

  • Papermaking and Printing.
  • Medicine and Health
  • Household Appliance
  • Transportation
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Also Usage In Many Others Application.

    • Micro Computer Control System

      Intelligent micro computer control system. The LCD can show present temperature, working pressure, accumulative working time,etc.

    • Motor

      World-class IE2 electric motor features Grade F insulation and IP54 protection.

    • Magnetic Motor

      Permanent magnetic motor and compressors are designed with the one shaft and by 100% transmission efficiency. Compared to normal motor the permanent magnet synchronizing.

    • Loading Head

      The control system has been redesigned to be simpler and more reliable. The air intake filter eliminates dust and other harmful particles that may cause premature wearing of the machine.

    • Advanced Screw Airend

      Advanced rotary screw technology, equipped with high efficiency rotary screw airend powered by efficient electric motor.

    • Oil Filter

      The screw spin on oil filter makes servicing convenient. The filter eliminates oil impurities and other particles produced by wear and tear.

    • Quite Operation

      High efficiency cooling fan provides sound level low.

    • Energy Efficient Combination Cooler

      Energy Efficient Combination Cooler provide sustainable and efficient operation in high temperature high humidity environments.

    • Spin on Three Stage Separator Air/Oil

      oil filters and air oil separator - user friendly from servicing point of view. The separator will remove oil particles from the air down to a ratio of 1-2 parts per million.

    "Reduce noise level and Save Product Maintance."