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Reciprocating Single Stage Single Cylinder

Reciprocating Single Stage Single Cylinder

A single stage single cylinder air compressor works using the force of a piston and pressure sensitive valve. It is designed to house one cylinder that compresses air with a single piston stroke. This cylinder is connected to a power supply that provides the force needed to compress the air. It is different from double and multiple stage air compressors because it operates with just the one cylinder and valve. These Air Compressors Are Ideal For A Multitude Of Small Business Uses Including Borewell, Chemical Industries, Circuit Breaking, Spray Painting, Graniting & Cleaning, Pneumatic Tools, Liquid Transfer Etc.


  • Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor accompanies three Cylinder or air stockpiling chambers
  • Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor additionally has two cylinders for pumping air; first cylinder packs air and sends it into the second stockpiling tank, or cylinder,where compressed air is stored for future use.
  • The Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor give capacity to pneumatic instruments, for example, shower firearms, fasten wrenches and air nailers. They can be utilized in service stations and different assembling plants.
  • Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor deliver more power than ordinary electric-control generators and are additionally more secure than other power generation systems.
  • Single Stage Single Cylinder Air Compressor are solid bundles to be utilized either as a backup system in real establishment or an entire system for little mechanical establishments.
  • Applications

    • Borewell
    • Chemical Industries
    • Circuit Breaking
    • Pneumatic Tools
    • Graniting & Cleaning
    • Also Usage In Many Others Application.

    • Crankshaft

      crankshaft, with replaceable crankpin bush made from special steel material.The crankshaft is balanced and rotates on two ball bearings.

    • Cylinder

      Cylinders are made from special cast iron material with deep radial fins on the outer side for quick heat dissipation.

    • Piston

      pistons are made from aluminium material. Each piston has compression rings and oil control rings for optimum efficiency.

    • Valve

      Stainless steel finger valves are heat-treated, quick-acting. Centric disc valve plates & spring are made from high quality steel material

    • Connecting Rod

      Connecting rod with solid construction does not required adjustment.Connecting Rods big end it with needle bearing.

    "Highly Reliable, Durable and Efficient"

    Reciprocating Single Stage Single Cylinder

    Model No Motor (HP) Piston Displacement (SCFM) Working Pressure (KG/CM2) Lpm M3/Hr Tank In Inches Tank In Litres
    TY-0 0.25 2.30 7 69 0.66 8x24 40
    TY-1 0.50 3.00 7 90 0.086 8x24 20
    TY-2H 0.50 3.50 7 105 0.1 11x28 50
    TY-3 0.75 3.50 10.5 183 0.174 11×28 50
    TY-4H 1 5.15 10.5 154.5 0.147 12x34 70
    TY-5 1.50 6.10 10.5 183 0.174 14x32 85
    TY-6H 1.50 7 10.5 210 0.2 14×32 85
    TY-7H 2 6.85/8.45 10.5 205.5/253 0.196/0.24 15x36 105
    TY-8H 2 9.70 10.5 291 0.277 16x40 145
    TY-9 3 11 10.5 330 0.314 16x40 145
    TY-10H 3 12 10.5 21x52 275
    TY-11 5 19 10.5 21x52 275
    TY-12H 5 24 10.5 720 0.686 21x52 275