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Moisture Separator

Moisture Separator

Moisture Sepreator the removal of water is imperative to the successful operation of compressed/gas/steam systems. Water causes corrosion of pneumatic tools, instruments and machinery resulting in malfunctioning. The cost of replacement and/or repairs of equipment, coupled with the corresponding down-time can be eliminated. Moisture Sepreator unique coalescing element in conjunction with anti re-entrainment barrier system knocks out 99.95% of moisture from compressed air/gas streams.that are fabricated using high quality raw material and are used to for the filtration of air.


  • Most productive step in efficient moisture removal.
  • Very low pressure drop And Long working life.
  • Protects coalescing filters from bulk liquid.
  • contamination.
  • Protect pre-filters & dryer.
  • Applications

  • Engines
  • Boilers
  • Cooking processes using a steamer
  • Rubber vulcanizing machines
  • Steam-powered irons
  • Also Usage In Many Others Application.

    "Separat Moisture & Dry The Surface.