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Desicant Air Dryer

Desicant Air Dryer

The latest technology in desiccant Air Dryers offers total cleaning and drying solution for lubricated as well as non-lubricated Compressors. Coalescing filters(boro silicate micro glass fibres) assure maximum removal of oil and liquid moisture upto 0.3 microns. Compressed air at -40°C dew point. Compressed air drying solutions just like your unique environment and applications are not standard to fit all. They help remove water vapour from the compressed air. Therefore, they are often found frequently in a variety of industrial and commercial facilities.


  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Shuttle valve for Low Pressure drop
  • All Aluminium resist oxidation & scale formation
  • Dewpoint better than -40°C
  • Design Patented.
  • Applications

  • all industrial applications.
  • Wiled Air Compressor.
  • Also Usage In Many Others Application.