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Compact Air Compressor

Compact Air Compressor

We Provide world class manufacturers and exporter of all industrial Single stage and Multi stage reciprocating piston air compressors, High pressure Pet compressors, Industrial rotary screw compressors, Medical and Dental oil free air compressors, Scroll air Compressors, Piston and Rotary vane type Vacuum pumps, Air Receivers, Air & water Cooled After Coolers. Besides, we can also provide you the complete solution for compressed air contaminants by supplying accessories.


  • Compact and silent
  • Longer life of internal parts
  • Best-in-class maintenance and operating cost
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Applications

  • Painting vehicles in an auto body shop
  • Sanding in an auto body shop or in woodworking.
  • Using pneumatic nail guns for roofing.
  • Small machine shops & fabrication workshops
  • Also Usage In Many Others Application.

    • Crankshaft

      crankshaft, with replaceable crankpin bush made from special steel material.The crankshaft is balanced and rotates on two ball bearings.

    • Piston

      pistons are made from aluminium material. Each piston has compression rings and oil control rings for optimum efficiency.

    • Connecting Rod

      Connecting rod with solid construction does not required adjustment.Connecting Rods big end it with needle bearigs

    • Cylinder

      Cylinders are made from special cast iron material with deep radial fins on the outer side for quick heat dissipation.

    "Highly Reliable, Durable and Efficient."